Thursday, 27 March 2014

SCSA A-D Work Samples

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority in Western Australia has started to upload the A-D Work Samples linked to the Australian Curriculum Achievement Standards.

You can locate the samples as part of the "Judging Standards" tool from SCSA by clicking this link:

Some important things to note:

  1. They are meant as a support document for teachers when judging standards in terms of the AC Achievement Standard
  2. They do not represent the standard as a whole. Grey highlighting identifies those aspects of the achievement standard addressed in the work sample. Annotations in black text refer to the assessment pointers while those in coloured text highlight additional, specific qualities evident in the work.
  3. The samples will continue to be reviewed and enhanced.

 The annotations are key in any work samples to assist with judging standards. They provide insight in to the complexities and quality of the types of things A-D achievement might display.

Woodlands PS will add the SCSA samples as part of our "moderation conversations" between teachers. Currently we use the following to support our judgements:
  1. Student evidence in relation to content descriptions AND achievement standards.
  2. ACARA portfolios and annotations for Satisfactory, Below Satisfactory and Above Satisfactory
  3. SCSA Judging Standards Assessment Pointers
How might you and your school make use of the samples to support teacher judgements?

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