Sunday, 23 March 2014

Australian Curriculum: English links to First Steps Foundation to Year 7

 Baynton West Primary School is a fellow Teacher Development School. They have collated a resource linking Australian Curriculum: English to First Steps. 

The fantastic thing about this document is that it not only lists the area from First Steps that the Content Description links to. It ALSO lists the exact page number in the First Steps book.

This document is very useful is bringing the WHAT to an evidence based HOW such as First Steps.

Woodlands would like to thank the team at Baynton West for all their hard work in collating this information. We have already found it very useful in our weekly planning meetings with teachers.

If you are a Department of Education in Western Australia employee, you can access the document via Connect in the Communities section. Join the Australian Curriculum English Primary (K-7) community and then locate the documents in the Library under Baynton West.

If you are a non DoE WA teacher, you can download the documents via the links below.

Our next Woodlands Australian Curriculum Implementation (WACI) Club is on March 27  from 4pm to 5pm at Woodlands PS.  We are focusing on:

Sharing learning sequences and judging strandards linked to "Create Written Narratives"

  To register please go to the Institute for Professional Learning Online Calendar which can be accessed through the Portal via Professional Learning.

Or please email

Craigie Heights WACI Club is on 27 March from 4:00pm to 5:00pm at
Craigie Heights Primary School. This WACI Club will focus on sharing learning sequences and assessment processes for "Create Texts." It is a FREE event. Please register via IPL.

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