Monday, 14 October 2013

Language Devices

The link below is to a fantastic youtube clip regarding Literary (language) Devices

Literary (Language) devices is embedded within the Australian Curriculum: English content descriptions. In particular it falls under the Literature Strand and the Sub Strand of Examining Literature. If you view the AC:E scope and sequence, the thread pertains to "language devices in literary texts including figurative language".

You might also consider using the clip as an example for students to create their own video to demonstrate knowledge of language devices. 

The AC Year Level Descriptions provide detail to teachers on the scope of texts to provide for students. We know that "create" in AC:E glossary is described as the ability to develop and/or produce spoken, written or multimodal texts in print or digital forms."

For example:  In Years 3 and 4 your students might create a written or spoken review of the youtube clip and it's effect on their understanding of language devices.
                    In Years 5 and 6 your students might create a digital or multi-modal video explanation of language devices in the style of the clip they viewed.

                    In Year 7 your students might create a transformation of text through a written glossary of the language devices mentioned in the clip.

Fantastic clip and would love to hear how you might utilise it!