Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pre Primary Lesson

Handa's Surprise
The details of this lesson and the way it links to the Australian Curriculum as are follows:

Learning Area: English
Focus Strand: Language
Focus Sub Strands: Text Structure and Organisation
Content Description: Understand concepts about print and screen, including how books, film and simple digital texts work, and know some features of print, for example directionality (ACELA1433)

Focus Strand: Literature
Focus Sub Strands: Literature and Context
Content Description: Recognise that texts are created by authors who tell stories and share experiences that may be similar or different to students’ own experiences (ACELT1575)
Focus Strand: Literature
Focus Sub Strands: Examining Literature
Content Description: Identify some features of texts including events and characters and retell events from a text (ACELT1578)

Focus Strand: Literacy
Focus Sub Strands: Interacting with Others
Content Description: Listen to and respond orally to texts and to the communication of others in informal and structured classroom situations (ACELY1646)

The text is called "Handa's Surprise" by Eileen Browne

Click HERE to download/view the teacher's lesson plan.When you click the link it will open in Goggle Docs. When that screen opens, click on FILE and then DOWLOAD.
Here are some samples of student responses to the text by making text-to-self connections:

If you would like copies of the student sheets please click the photos below and download from Google Docs.


  1. I will try these activity with my preschoolers next week .We are using the book for our nutrition activity.
    Preschool head teacher Ms. Mary Brathwaite

  2. Thanks so much for these worksheets! They were great for my ESL students.

  3. Great planning and resource documents. Lots of opportunities for drama too. I will be adapting for my class this term.