Sunday, 27 January 2013

AC:English Planning Tools

It is almost time for the school year to officially begin. Some of the most popular posts on this blog are in relation to planning tools.

Woodlands PS has endeavoured to develop planning tools that are SIMPLE and TIME EFFECTIVE. We understand as teachers, that we do not have hours to spend collating huge documents. The essence of our tools are to provide a way of tracking content you have taught whilst also ensuring you are teaching the content that each child is entitled to access.

This post contains the very latest versions of our planning tools. Please note that all content is sourced from The Australian Curriculum v4.0 which is available by clicking the following link

The first document enables teachers to make the links between the Year Level description, the content descriptions and the achievement standards at each year level. This document is useful in planning meeting between teachers as it can guide discussion. Don't forget that the Year Level descriptions contain useful information, particularly in regards to the types of texts students need to engage with and create. By using this document you can ensure your student are engaging with a variety of texts, creating a variety of texts and communicating with a variety of sources. It is all about MAKING THE LINKS for teachers.

This document also allows teachers to identify possible evidence they could collect that would demonstrate understanding of the content descriptions taught and the progress towards achievement standards.

Please click HERE to download this document from our Google Docs.

The next document is a planning tool for Literature based learning sequences. This document only contains content descriptions that inter-relate with the Literature strand. It is NOT ALL the content descriptions for AC:English. It is a useful document for planning sequences related to a Literary text. Our school uses this document when posting Literature sequences to our blog.  This document also contains a planning tool for Kindergarten using the DoE Early Years of Schooling Statement.

Please click HERE to download the Literature Planning doc from our Google Docs.

We also have a planning tool for AC:E Writing. Please keep in mind that when using this plan, many of the content descriptions that are listed ALSO need to be catered for in the other modes of Reading, Speaking and Listening. The Writing planning tool only contains the content descriptions linked to a "Writing" element.

Please click HERE to download the Writing Planning doc from our Google Docs.

Lastly we have our very popular English Audit sheets. These sheets are to track what has been taught each term in response to the needs of the students. It also enables you to track that you are teaching the content descriptions through a variety of modes: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. This is very important as if you view the content descriptions in modes online, it will place the content descriptions in to a "best fit" mode. In version 4.0 of AC:E it also lists the other modes that the content needs to be taught in.

Please click HERE to download the AC:E Audit sheets from our Google Docs.

We hope you find our tools useful, simple and time effective.

We would love to receive any feedback or comments from you in regards to these tools.

Have a lovely start to Term 1. We hope to see many of you at our first Woodlands Australian Curriculum Implementation (WACI) Club for 2013 on Thursday 21 February.

Kind regards

Carlene Thorpe

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  1. These are fantastic tools and have given me a clear overview of my literacy planning. Thank you!