Monday, 14 January 2013

Australian Curriculum Version 4.0

Thank you for over 13 000 hits to our blog in the last month! Considering we have been on school holidays, this is an amazing amount of hits. Currently the most popular post is in regards to classroom planning templates. I will be posting the very latest templates from Woodlands PS this week, so please keep popping back to check.

I have lots of lessons to share to get you started for the new school year with Literature.

It is important to note that as of 10 January 2013 we are currently at Version 4.0 of the Australian Curriculum.

The changes are as follows:
  • Inclusion of senior secondary Australian Curriculum (content and achievement standards) for 14 subjects in English, Mathematics, Science and History
  • Revised home page to access F-10 curriculum and Senior secondary curriculum
The revised F-10 access looks like this and can be accessed by clicking F-10 Curriculum at

This is a much easier interface to use. It allows you to select a Year Level and view all the content for the Phase One subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and History for that year level on the one screen.

ACARA is also getting set to release the Portfolios for each year level and Phase One subjects. The portfolios will display student work samples for Satisfactory, Above Satisfactory and Below Satisfactory in relation to the Achievement Standards.  Keep checking back as when you click the link now it says COMING SOON. I will ensure I blog to let you know when they are live.

Please feel free to leave a comment if this information was of use to you :-)

Carlene Thorpe

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  1. Thank you for all the wonderful work you've done to assist in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum and for your generosity in sharing this with others. Your blog is excellent, inspiring and very useful. I look forward to following again in 2013. All the best for a great year.