Friday, 8 February 2013

Australian Curriculum Work Sample Portfolios

 The Australian Curriculum Student Work Sample Portfolios have been published online. You can view the portfolios for English by clicking the link below:

Then scroll to your selected year level and view the portfolios following the Achievement Standards for each year level.

Under the "Organisation" tab in the Achievement Standards section, you will find the following information: "Student work samples play a key role in communicating expectations described in the achievement standards. Each work sample includes the relevant assessment task, the student’s response, and annotations identifying the quality of learning evident in the student’s response in relation to relevant parts of the achievement standard. Together, the description of the achievement standard and the accompanying set of annotated work samples help teachers to make judgments about whether students have achieved the standard."

Please remember that the portfolios are an indication of the extent to which a child demonstrates an END OF YEAR achievement standard.  Satisfactory is at the Achievement Standard.  If you attend our Woodlands Australian Curriculum Implementation (WACI) Club you will discover ways you can utilise the portfolios. Our next WACI Club is on 21 February 4pm to 5pm.

The work sample portfolios for Maths, History and Science are also available.

Enjoy! Woodlands PS contributed many of the work samples so it is exciting for our team!

Carlene Thorpe
Deputy Principal
Woodlands PS

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