Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Resource Audit Tool for Australian Curriculum: English

As a Teacher Development School we are often asked what resources we would suggest teachers or schools use to support the teaching of Australian Curriculum: English.

We developed a tool as a suggested way for schools and teachers to audit  resources against the Australian Curriculum in English. This is our preferred option for supporting schools when selecting resources as it is far more powerful for teachers to audit the resources and delve in to the content than our school suggesting resources.

When using the audit sheets you are looking for coverage of the opportunities provided in the Year Level Description. For example, does the resource provide for a range of "create texts" opportunities as suggested in the last paragraph? Does the resource contain the elements described to develop independent readers as per the second last paragraph?

The next audit consideration is the actual content descriptions. You need to ensure there is a coverage across the full scope and sequence of content descriptions. Punctuation is one example area of ensuring S&S coverage not just year level coverage. The various modes that the content needs to be addressed through should also be addressed in the resource, (modes meaning Writing&Creating, Reading&Viewing, Speaking&Listening).

After completing an audit, it then becomes a way for you and your team to be informed educators about what resources you select to support the teaching of content and the opportunities provided for a broad and in depth study of English. If a resource has gaps, at least you are informed of the gaps and should you choose to continue with the resource, you know what gaps to address through another means so that students are receiving their full entitlement content wise.

We hope you find the audit of use. Of interest might be that Woodlands PS chooses to only use the Department's Literacy Resources and First Steps.

Click HERE  for the English resource audit tool. This will allow you to download/view the tool.When you click the link it will open in Google Docs. When that screen opens, click on FILE and then DOWNLOAD. The tool is also in the Connect Community Australian Curriculum English Primary (K-7) Network in The Woodlands Hub folder in the Library, (DoE employees only).


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Carlene Thorpe
Deputy Principal
TDS Coordinator

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