Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Primary Matters July 2014

The latest issue of Primary Matters from ACARA has been released.

Some exiting news is ACARA's upcoming release of illustrations of practice.

Please find the information below from Primary Matters for July 2014:

ILLUSTRATIONS OF PRACTICE: managing the primary curriculum
We are well under way with our work to provide schools with short vignettes showcasing ways various primary school leaders are approaching the management of the Australian Curriculum. ACARA officers have visited ten schools and whilst we are yet to complete publishing materials around the vignettes they will be available on ACARA YouTube site (www.youtube.com/user/ACARAeduau) as they are released.
When published on the Australian Curriculum website later in the year, the vignettes will offer leadership teams an understanding of how different schools manage implementation of the Australian Curriculum and ideally will assist schools to make decisions at a local level. 

Click here to view the full Primary Matters article:

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