Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Teaching AC English

The Teaching AC English website is a useful resource for teachers and education teams.

The site was developed by Education Services Australia and funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

It contains a collection of video snapshots – or vignettes – which illustrate ideas, approaches and strategies for teaching, learning and assessment in Australian Curriculum: English.

The vignettes demonstrate approaches to differentiation and aspects of explicit teaching about a select group of content descriptions for reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Teachers and education teams could use the videos to:
  • provide a stimulus for professional learning conversations
  • expand a teacher's repertoire of pedagogical practices
  • demonstrate clear and unambiguous teaching
  • demonstrate a variety of ways to personalise student learning that are manageable for teachers and engaging for students
  • illustrate contemporary classroom scenes and stories of educators delivering the Australian Curriculum: English.
The information is grouped under two tabs:  Differentiation and Explicit teaching

Teachers can then select from Reading, Spelling or Punctuation and grammar tab.

There is a selection of year levels available.

Woodlands PS engaged in this resource during a recent professional learning session provided by Di Rees in regards to Spelling.

We hope you will find the site of use :-)

Kind regards

Carlene Thorpe

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