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Australian Curriculum: English Foundation Learning Sequence

Recording Audio Files and Creating QR Codes

How can you use these tools as part of an AC:E Learning Sequence around Creating Spoken Texts?

Woodlands Primary School would like to welcome Guest Blogger , Eliza Yeo, Foundation Teacher at Two Rocks Primary School.

Eliza attends the Woodlands Australian Curriculum Implementation (WACI) Club and developed the learning sequence attached below in response to professional learning undertaken at WACI Club.

WACI Club is a professional learning community organised by Woodlands Primary School in its work as a Teacher Development School.

Thanks Eliza  for allowing Woodlands to share your learning sequence contained in this planning resource. 

As part of The Woodlands Australian Curriculum Implementation (WACI) Club participants have been engaging in developing learning sequences with a focus on Create.   In the AC:E glossary, Create is described as the ability to develop and/or produce spoken, written or multimodal texts in print or digital forms."

Participants of WACI Club this term have developed learning sequences which span more than just the written aspect of "Create".  

The Foundation (Pre Primary) learning sequence contained in this post is linked to The Australian Curriculum - English content descriptions. 
You can access The Australian Curriculum by clicking this link:
The learning sequence uses the Year Level Descriptions from Foundation. At the Foundation level the sequence addresses Imaginative texts through creating a spoken recount. You can see this is highlighted on the planning sheet below.

Click HERE to download/view the teacher's lesson plan.When you click the link it will open in Google Docs. When that screen opens, click on FILE and then DOWNLOAD. There are five pages to the Learning Sequence.

As part of this learning sequence, Eliza has utilised "Garageband" and Quick Response Codes for the students to record and easily access their peers' spoken recounts. This allows for student feedback and self assessment.

If you are interested in learning how to do this, Eliza has created an easy to follow document which you can download in Google docs by clicking HERE.

Thanks again to Eliza for being willing to share with an audience beyond WACI Club. It is wonderful to know that the professional learning provided by Woodlands PS in its work as a Teacher Development School is having continuous and substantial impacts on teacher planning.

Our next Woodlands Australian Curriculum Implementation (WACI) Club is on May 30 from 4pm to 5pm at Woodlands PS.  We are focusing on Assessment and Moderation using AC:English.  To register please go to the Institute for Professional Learning Online Calendar which can be accessed by clicking this link:

Or for more details please email

We are excited to announce the formation of WACI Club for
 The Collie-Preston and Capes Networks! 

Keep an eye out on the Institute for Professional Learning Online Calendar to register for 
Collie-Preston WACI Club on 21 May from 4:15 - 5:15pm at Tuart Forest Primary School

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