Thursday, 14 June 2012

Australian Curriculum English Year 1 Learning Sequence

Our Year 1 teacher, Robyn Blekkenhorst, has eveloped a sequence of lessons using the text The Bad Tempered Ladybird by Mem Fox. The sequence of lessons addresses aspects of the Australian Curriculum English content decsriptions across the three strands of Language, Literature and Literacy.

Click HERE to download/view the teacher's lesson plan.When you click the link it will open in Google Docs. When that screen opens, click on FILE and then DOWNLOAD.
Below is a work sample of the Prediction template "Crystal Ball". This idea is from First Steps in Writing.
Below is a snapshot of the student Placemat task as described in Step 3 of the Learning Sequence.
In step 4 of the Learning Sequence the students contributed to a class t-chart. Below is a photo of the t-chart.

In step 5 of the Learning Sequence the students wrote a description of a picture showing a strong emotion. They completed this task with a partner using the cooperative learning structure of RallyCoachWrite. Below is a photo of the students using RallyCoachWrite.
 Below is an example of student work using RallyCoachWrite

  In step 6 the students created a new front cover for the book using a character of their choice. An example of student work is below.

In step 7 the students wrote a story to go with their new front cover. Below is a sample of student work.

In step 8 of the learning sequence the students published their story using "Word" and used the internet to locate an appropriate image to support the text. Work sample below.

The classroom teacher utilised an assessment tool developed by Woodlands PS for tracking progress towards the Achievement Standard as a means for assessing for learning, (not summative purpose). This informs the teacher of what needs to be consolidated, or the gaps in opportunities for the stduents to show what they know. The teachers use this tool alongside the Content Descriptions and Year Level Statement as a way of ensuring they know WHAT the students were expected to be taught at that year level. Below is an example of the assessment tool used for one student's collection of evidence of growth.

You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.
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