Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Teaching Text Structures for Non-Fiction Texts!

Students need to learn a variety of text structures in the Australian Curriculum. The Content Descriptions merely state "text structures" but do not give detail of WHAT features to teach for different text structures.

The Language sub strand of Text structure and Organisation states: "Students learn how texts are structured to achieve particular purposes; how language is used to create texts that are cohesive and coherent; how texts about more specialized topics contain more complex language patterns and features; and how the author guides the reader/viewer through the text through effective use of resources at the level of the whole text, the paragraph and the sentence."

Students need to learn the text structures so they can study them in action in Literature and then create then through Literacy.

First Steps in Writing provides useful frameworks for text structures, (also very useful information about language features for the different text structures!). These could be used to analyse and teach structures. An example of this is below. You can click the photo to download from Google docs.


I found a fantastic blog with useful resources for teaching non fiction text structures:

Have you found any useful resources for assisting students to learn a variety of text structures?


  1. Beverley Deriwianka (unsure of spelling) has some useful texts that teach teachers how to teach text structures.

  2. The teachers resource section in Reading Eggs has a huge range of text types with graphic organisers and scaffolds as well as checklists, games and text examples.